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250K Video Competition

smart phone8 March 2019

A 2016 youth survey conducted by the National Allergy Strategy showed that 50% of respondents felt as though they couldn't carry their EpiPen® during social occasions as the device is too bulky, and doesn't fit in a clutch or pocket. 

It can be difficult, or even embarrassing to carry an EpiPen® around when out with friends, but it's important to always have the EpiPen® and ASCIA Action Plan on/with you. 

In order to reduce stigma about carrying medication, 250K are hosting a competition to find the most creative and practical ways to carry an EpiPen®s and action plan. We’re asking entrants to share a short video of how they carry their EpiPen®s and ASCIA Action Plan on a day-to-day basis and/or during social events. Winners will receive a JB-HI-FI gift voucher valued at $500.

For details about how to enter, visit

Content created March 2019