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Food allergen management training

All about Allergens online training

In 2017, the first Food Service Forum for Food Allergy was held and was attended by approximately 40 people from key stakeholder organisations The aim of the Forum was to bring stakeholders together to discuss the current issues and agree on a way forward to improve the understanding of food allergy issues in the food service sector. It was agreed that an online training course should be developed for food service staff, and in 2017 we launched a free online training course ‘All about Allergens’. Since then, the National Allergy Council has worked with various food service sectors to develop a series of free and engaging online training courses for cooks and chefs working in food service in many sectors including food preparation staff and ward staff providing food to patients in hospitals. The courses include a final quiz and on successful completion, allows participants to print a certificate.

All about Allergens websiteThe available courses include: 

  • All about Allergens
  • All about Allergens for Cooks and Chefs
  • All about Allergens for Camps
  • All about Allergens for Hospitals
  • All about Allergens for Schools
  • All about Allergens for Children's Education and Care (CEC)
  • All about Allergens for Residential Care

These courses were developed by expert National Allergy Council working groups and in consultation with key stakeholders and organisations. They are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and are available free of charge from the National Allergy Council's Food Allergy Training website

Additional supporting resources such as sample policies and audit tools are also freely available from the online training website:

The National Allergy Council has an ongoing food allergy awareness campaign aimed at communicating the shared responsibility when it comes to food allergen management in food service. Consumers, food service providers, legislators and those who conduct inspections and audits of premises, all have a role to play in food allergen management. 

Content updated September 2022