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Food ideas and recipes

The following resources have been developed as part of the National Allergy Strategy Food Allergy Prevention Project and are designed to provide advice on when and how to introduce the common allergy causing foods to help prevent food allergy developing. These resources have been developed with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Food ideas and recipes

Food ideas are available for babies of different ages and stages of eating development. They explain how to incorporate the common food allergens into first foods through to toddler and family meals. 

NAIB Information Sheet Around 6months NAIB Information Sheet Around 7 months

NAIB Information Sheet Around10 months NAIB Information Sheet Toddlers

Recipe booklets are also available. There are two booklets, one booklet contains recipe ideas including all of the common food allergens and are grouped together by stages of development (e.g. first foods, mash foods). The second booklet has a focus on introducing tree nuts and includes recipes with a variety of textures.

NAIB Recipe Booklet

 Baby Food Recipes With Nuts

For more information visit the Nip allergies in the Bub website:

Content updated March 2022