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Eczema infograhics translated

The following translated infographics have been developed to help people manage their eczema well. They have been developed as part of the Allergy 250K youth project and the Nip allergies in the Bub project.

Eczema Tops tipsHow to use Bleach Baths for a babyHow to use Wet Dressings for a babyHow to use Bleach Baths for a childHow to use Wet Dressings for a child

Eczema Tops tips 

pdfEczema top tips Amharic411.82 KB

pdfEczema top tips Arab407.37 KB

pdfEczema top tips Chinese traditional438.01 KB

pdfEczema top tips Chinese428.8 KB

pdfEczema top tips Dinka385.28 KB

pdfEczema top tips French384.3 KB

pdfEczema top tips Hindi452.18 KB

pdfEczema top tips Mongolian381.86 KB

pdfEczema top tips Neur386.39 KB

pdfEczema top tips Oromo383.74 KB

pdfEczema top tips Punjabi384.67 KB

pdfEczema top tips Somali381.66 KB

pdfEczema top tips Swahili386.33 KB

pdfEczema top tips Tigrinya409.69 KB

pdfEczema top tips Vietnamese380.67 KB

Eczema help for a baby

How to use Bleach Baths for a baby

pdfBleach Baths baby Amharic874.15 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Arabic930.07 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Chinese Traditional888.00 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Chinese879.50 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Dinka862.51 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby French846.30 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Hindi927.19 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Mongolian854.08 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Neur856.08 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Oromo849.27 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Punjabi868.46 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Somali840.43 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Swahili848.82 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Tigrinya891.58 KB

pdfBleach Baths baby Vietnamese861.72 KB

How to use Wet Dressings for a baby

pdfWet Dressings baby Amharic842.36 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Arabic887.56 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Chinese Traditional844.31 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Chinese837.21 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Dinka833.77 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby French817.56 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Hindi889.46 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Mongolian815.55 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Neur836.26 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Oromo816.87 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Punjabi828.39 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Somali808.31 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Swahili815.07 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Tigrinya842.86 KB

pdfWet Dressings baby Vietnamese830.44 KB

Eczema for a child

How to use Bleach Baths for a child

pdfBleach Baths child Amharic852.05 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Arabic886.57 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Chinese Traditional864.83 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Chinese856.05 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Dinka862.51 KB

pdfBleach Baths child French823.81 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Hindi904.96 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Mongolian834.86 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Neur833.08 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Oromo827.96 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Punjabi847.29 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Somali819.03 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Swahili825.37 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Tigrinya868.52 KB

pdfBleach Baths child Vietnamese838.85 KB

How to use Wet Dressings for a child

pdfWet Dressings child Amharic734.58 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Arabic740.64 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Chinese Traditional735.17 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Chinese730.15 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Dinka729.57 KB

pdfWet Dressings child French709.45 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Hindi775.98 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Mongolian711.2 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Neur728.72 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Oromo709.09 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Punjabi720.76 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Somali700.44 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Swahili709.12 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Tigrinya734.8 KB

pdfWet Dressings child Vietnamese722.87 KB

These resources have been developed with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Content updated December 2022