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National Allergy Strategy Election Platform

NAS advocacy21 March 2019

With a federal election anticipated within the next 2-3 months of 2019, the National Allergy Strategy has submitted an election platform to all major political parties.

pdfNAS Election platform 20-03-19161.91 KB

The National Allergy Strategy is grateful for the funding it has received to date from the Australian Government Department of Health. Almost 2 million dollars has been provided to the National Allergy Strategy over the past 3 years which has allowed us to undertake the much needed 250K youth project, the food service project, drug allergy scoping work and the food allergy prevention project (Nip allergies in the Bub).

While the National Allergy Strategy has made good progress in improving care for those with allergic disease, more funding is urgently needed to achieve the goals of the Strategy which was launched in 2015.

National Allergy Strategy plea for government funding - sign petitionA five year, whole of health approach is needed to combat the rise in allergic diseases and to improve the health and quality of life of those living with allergic diseases, through a range of strategies.

The National Allergy Strategy is asking for 20 million dollars in funding over 5 years to allow us to implement the following important projects in consultation with key stakeholder organisations:

  • A Shared Care Model for allergic diseases to improve timely access to quality care for all Australians living with chronic allergic conditions.
  • A comprehensive approach to drug allergy management including the implementation of a drug allergy register.
  • A comprehensive, consistent approach to food allergy management in all food service (e.g. restaurants, schools, education and care services, hospitals, aged care facilities, airlines etc), expanding on the initial work that has been undertaken.
  • Effective engagement with teens and young adults (at highest risk of fatal anaphylaxis) to help them to manage their severe allergies, particularly food allergies.
  • Expansion of allergy prevention strategies to help prevent the development of allergic diseases including food allergy and some forms of asthma.
  • Implementation of an anaphylaxis register system that meets the needs of all Australian states and territories to allow collection of nationally representative de-identified data to better understand the gaps in knowledge regarding anaphylaxis, and to allow for rapid removal of incorrectly labelled or allergen contaminated foods from the marketplace.
  • Access to oral immunotherapy for food allergy in highly regarded allergy clinics, which is currently unavailable in Australia (except in limited research trials), resulting in many Australians having to travel and live oversees to access treatment.
  • Expansion of existing education and support resources.

Please support all Australians living with allergic diseases by contacting your local federal candidates asking for their support of the National Allergy Strategy election platform by contacting their party leaders to publicly announce support for this funding request.

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Content created 21 March 2019