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National Allergy Strategy Update October 2015

15 October 2015:

NAS Steering CommitteeWork on the National Allergy Strategy has continued since the Allergy Summit 2015 was held in August.

The National Allergy Strategy Steering Committee (chaired by A/Prof Richard Loh and Maria Said) and Working Groups will continue to be supported by ASCIA in partnership with Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA), despite no federal funding to date.

After discussions post Allergy Summit 2015, the Research and Data Working groups will combine.

Hence the National Allergy Strategy Working Groups going forward will include:

  • Care Working Group - Co–chaired by Dr Brynn Wainstein and A/Prof Richard Loh
  • Education & Training Working Group - Co–chaired by Prof Dianne Campbell and Dr Wendy Norton
  • Research & Data Working Group - Co–chaired by Prof Katie Allen and Sally Voukelatos
  • Food industry & Food service Working Group - Co–chaired by Merryn Netting and Maria Said

ASCIA and A&AA continue to liaise with government representatives and politicians to progress the National Allergy Strategy. The following progress has been made:

  • ASCIA and A&AA will meet with representatives from the federal Health Department in November 2015.
  • ASCIA and A&AA have participated as stakeholders in the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions consultation process.
  • ASCIA and A&AA are developing a submission to the Community Care and Population Health Principal Committee and a pre-federal budget 2016 submission based on outcomes from the Allergy Summit 2015.

NAS Steering Committee