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Transition from paediatric to adult allergy services

21 February 2024

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Shared Care for Allergy conversations last year about how to improve access to allergy care. Stay tuned for the release of an implementation roadmap that outlines the key activities that will be progressed as part of this project.

Part of improving access to care is making sure that people continue to get the care they need through the different stages of their life. Children with allergies who are seen at the children’s hospitals or by private paediatric specialists will eventually transition as young people to adult hospital services and to adult specialists. The National Allergy Council is developing standards of care for this transition period so that young people continue to receive high quality care for their allergies. A meeting with young people, parents, heads of hospital allergy departments and clinicians with experience in transition took place this month to talk more about the issue and develop the standard. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the transitioning care meeting, especially the three young adults who attended to share their experiences.

National Allergy Council Advisory Committee

Pictured (left to right): Kara Gifford, Eloise Roelandts and Rhiannon Grant.