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Food allergy prevention project – focus group sessions

Food allergy prevention project - baby feeding10 January 2018

Who are we looking for? We invite you to register your interest to participate if you: 

  • have a young infant (up to 6 months old) and have a family history of allergy; or 

  • have a child with food allergy and are pregnant or are planning to have another child.  

Why do it? To help us develop education resources to help prevent the development of food allergies.

How long will it take? 1.5 hours.  

Who are we? The National Allergy Strategy. Our aim is to improve how allergies are managed in Australia.  

Participants will receive a retail voucher in thanks for their time and input.

This group has now been completed.

The National Allergy Strategy food allergy prevention project is supported by funding from the Australian Government

Content updated 10 January 2018