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National Allergy Council Advisory Committee meeting

21 February 2024

The National Allergy Council Advisory Committee met in person last week to discuss all of the National Allergy Council projects. The Advisory Committee is comprised of our project co-leads who provide guidance to our individual projects. The Advisory Committee also has a representative from the National Allergy Centre of Excellence (NACE) which helps us to collaborate and support each other.
We are very grateful to have a voluntary committee of people who have allergy expertise, are passionate about helping people with allergic disease, and are also very generous, giving their time (often on weekends and in the evenings) to the National Allergy Council to support our work.

National Allergy Council Advisory Committee

Pictured (left to right): Dr Katie Frith, Dr Preeti Joshi, Jill Smith (ASCIA CEO), Dr Melanie Wong, Maria Said AM (NAC Co-chair and A&AA CEO), Clinical Professor Michaela Lucas (NAC Co-chair), Dr Kiely Kim, Dr William Smith, Dr Wendy Freeman, Sally Voukelatos, Professor Kirsten Perrett, Dr Vicki McWilliam, Kylie Hollinshead, Dr Sandra Vale (NAC CEO), Briony Tyquin, Dr Brynn Wainstein.