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National Allergy Project Update

The National Allergy Strategy has had a good start to 2019 with a number of projects progressing.

Shared care model for allergy in Australia

Shared Care ModelFunding from the Australian Government has been received to scope a Shared Care Model for Allergic Diseases in Australia. The aim of this project is to ensure patients receive the right care from the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

The first phase of the consultation process is to collect information about the current delivery of allergy care in Australia via an online survey for consumers, patient/carers, and a separate survey for health care professionals, health administrators, educators and researchers.

The surveys close on Wednesday 20 February 2019.

To access the surveys visit: 

Anaphylaxis register scoping meeting

The National Allergy Strategy is conducting an initial scoping meeting to discuss the possible benefits and challenges of anaphylaxis registers. 

Nip allergies in the Bub

We are continuing the roll-out of the pilot phase of Nip allergies in the Bub, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health which has been well received by health professionals and consumers.

We are currently reviewing feedback on the website and resources to improve these where required in preparation for the national roll-out commencing late June 2019.

Visit the website:

250K youth project

In January 2019, we held our first National Allergy Strategy 250K camp for teens and young adults with severe food allergy. We had members of our 250K Youth Advisory Team participate along with other young people with severe food allergy.

  On this camp we:
   - Had 30 campers aged from 11-23 years of age. 
   - Provided an opportunity for our 250K Youth Advisory Team members
     to meet face to face for the first time. 
   - Catered for 17 meal times with 21 different food allergies over 4 days. 
   - Provided health education sessions as well as having lots of fun with
     adventure activities. 
   - Had a chance to talk about our planned peer mentor program. 
   - Coped with a heatwave - 45°C was the hottest temperature reached! 
   - Administered 110 doses of prescribed/regular daily medications – and no adrenaline
     was required!

Visit the 250K website and Facebook page for news items and updates

250K camp jan 2019

Food service project

Following on from the Food Allergen Management in Food Service roundtable, we have been progressing the development of resources.  We recently had the opportunity to pilot some education resources with food service providers working in campsites, a hospital and a convention centre. The feedback obtained from these pilot sessions will help us to progress the resource development.

To access the All about Allergens course visit

To access the Resource hub for authorised officers visit

To access the Food allergen management in hospitals resources visit 


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